About us

Sussje is a duo of two friends: Joana Silleman and Denise Faraco.

The pair met in Amsterdam back in 2005, both with a background in design and a love for beautiful things, it was a best-friend-at first-sight moment. And to this day it has remained so, even when the two moved to far corners of the world. Joana to Rio de Janeiro, Denise to New Zealand.

Denise started her jewellery business in 2012 (then named Little Darling Co), after the birth of her second child. Joana joined the business soon after and together they have been bringing to life a jewellery brand that could speak to women like them - girls who work, who love deeply, who chase their ambitions, who travel, who lift and cheer each other.

Family is another key aspect of Sussje - be it the one you’re born into or the one you build. Sussje is a made up word that sounds a little like zusje, (“baby sister” in Dutch) - a reminder of the women in our lives with which we share our hopes, dreams, joys and sorrows.

Sussje’s jewellery is designed by Joana and Denise and made in Brazil by skilled artisans in professional companies. We know our suppliers and can trace back our gold and gemstones’ origins.

Our collection of Mother and Daughter matching pieces was inspired by a gift Denise’s grandmother gave her daughter Olivia when she was born. It was a mini version of diamond studs Denise used to wear. The collection is, in a way, a way to celebrate these precious female connections: mothers, grandmothers, sisters, cousins, friends.

Over the past 5 years Joana and Denise have dived deeper in the world of fine jewellery. Joana trained as a gemologist and traveled around Brazil to connect with gemstone suppliers. Our Atelier Collection is a result of these finds. Joana is now back in Amsterdam and runs Sussje from her place near Oosterpark. Here’s a curious fact: the Louvre in Paris has astronomical clocks designed by Joost Silleman (Joana's great grandfather of a few generations ago) for King Louis XIV - a passion for metal crafting that goes back in time.

Meanwhile, Denise had another baby (her last!), started her own design agency (the branding and photography you see here are her creations) and is now specialising in Olfaction Design at Poli.Design in Milan, tapping into her love for scent experiences. Something she’ll no doubt explore at Sussje too.

Two intrepid women with a heart full of ideas, an eye for detail and a mission to turn gold and gemstones into jewellery that reminds you of what is most precious: family, friends, chasing dreams and celebrating milestones.

We're so happy that you're here.

Joana & Denise x