In the heart of Rio

In the heart of Rio de Janeiro, nestled between 400 year old colonial monuments and tall 1950s concrete buildings, you'll find the small busy workshop of our master jeweller, Andre.

With a few decades of experience creating and manufacturing precious jewellery from Brazil's most prestigious brands, Andre is not only a precious metal magician but also an expert advisor and personal friend. When you order a Sussje piece, Andre and his team will be the ones carefully handcrafting it.

Having our pieces made in Rio was a deliberate decision. This amazing city holds a special place in our hearts as it represents our cultural roots. Its breathtaking beauty and vibrant energy are also a source of inspiration for our designs. While Joana is based in Amsterdam and I'm in New Zealand, Rio is roughly the geographical middle way. Whenever we feel the need to reconnect with ourselves, we come back to Rio, letting its essence reawaken our senses and reignite our passion for life in a way only Rio can do.

Nos vemos logo, Rio

Denise x